Top Hospitals and Medical services in Egypt

Egypt has a strong healthcare system, with numerous world-class hospitals offering outstanding medical care throughout the country. To provide great treatment, these institutions blend cutting-edge technology, highly experienced healthcare workers, and a patient-centered approach.

Saudi German Hospitals Group, founded in 1988, is the largest private healthcare provider in the MENA area (Middle East and North Africa). The firm is a multi-functional Healthcare organization that is regarded as a Healthcare developer rather than only an operator. It builds its own hospitals and runs them in collaboration with a number of international organizations. SGH Group builds a new hospital every year, and with 10 hospitals and 12 planned projects in various stages of construction, it is rapidly increasing at a pace of 16% each year.

SGH-Cairo is the group’s first hospital in Africa, and it is a significant tertiary care hospital in Cairo and Egypt. With a bed capacity of roughly 300, SGH Cairo provides a comprehensive variety of medical treatments, including all disciplines, sub-specialties, critical care, and challenging case management, all to the highest international standards.

It is a cutting-edge hospital that provides world-class quality healthcare; with its expert physicians and staff, as well as its patient-centered approach, SGH has established itself as the home of trust and the preferred destination for healthcare services in the region, attracting customers from both inside and outside Egypt.

The first hospital created by the SGH group opened its doors in 1988 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, bringing modern German healthcare standards to the doorstep of the local people. SGH extended to other locations of Saudi Arabia after developing a solid reputation for its quality of treatment and scientific administration. A big number of Saudi patients traveled to Germany for high-quality medical care. These patients and their families encountered significant cultural and logistical challenges in locating appropriate centers for their condition. As a result of their strategic partnership with well-known German colleges, the Batterjee family chose to create their first hospital in Jeddah.


Misr International Hospital is a joint-stock business established under Law 43 concerning the Investment of Arab and Foreign Funds, with a capitalization of GBP E. 60 million. Its stockholders include 160 university professors and physicians specializing in all aspects of health, the Egyptian banking industry, and a number of Egyptian, Arab, and global businessmen.


The company’s goal is to develop a worldwide hospital that adheres to the highest technological standards and is outfitted with the most current and up-to-date techniques of diagnosis and therapy in all departments of medicine.It is outfitted with cutting-edge western scientific equipment from Europe and the United States.


The hospital, which is conveniently placed in the middle of Cairo and Giza, was founded in January 1983.

The hospital employs over 200 consultants and university lecturers in over fifty general medical disciplines.

The hospital contains three of the largest medical buildings and more than 250 electric beds with various types of accommodation in suites, single and double rooms, more than 40 beds for intensive care and isolation, nine nurseries, and twelve emergency beds.


As-Salam International Hospital

A network with various healthcare subsidiaries throughout Egypt, including affiliation with the Royal Free Hospital in London, outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers, specialist centers, pharmacies, an International Relations Department to support all of our expats’ medical needs (including facilitating visa applications, bookings at contracted hotels, and concierge services), and video conferencing with our eminent consuls

With 303 beds on 5,222 m2, As-Salam International Hospital opened its doors in 1982 to satisfy the requirements of patients and the community at large.

As-Salam International Hospital is now one of Egypt’s largest private-sector tertiary care hospitals, using international standards and equipped with cutting-edge technology, and staffed by a well-trained professional staff that includes Egyptian physicians and expert nurses from MENA, the Philippines, the United States, and other countries. Since then, we have consistently provided high-quality service, allowing us to get Joint Commission International accreditation twice.

In 2019, As-Salam International Hospital became the third hospital in the world and the first in the Middle East to receive clinical care certification from the Joint Commission International for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and the nineteenth hospital in the world to receive clinical care certification from the Joint Commission International for Acute Myocardial Infarction.


Dar Al-Fouad

Dar Al -Fouad constructs a medical tower in Nasr City on the newest model at a cost of 120 million dollars, and the hospital is located at the junction of Al -Nasr Road and Youssef Abbas Street, with a land area of 13,000 square meters and a building size of 7,000 square meters.

The hospital has 168 beds, including 37 for severe cases, as well as 6 operating rooms, a microscopic immunization center, a physiotherapy department, two catheter labs, a radiotherapy unit, and a laboratory for non-interfering treatment for heart disease. All majors will be represented in the hospital, including the specialization of transferring members; moreover, the clinic tower will have 222 medical clinics for sale.

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