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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you can find all the information you need about health tourism in Egypt. With affordable prices for a combination of high-quality healthcare and touring a historic country, we know Egypt is the place for you! Learn more about Egypt’s medical services and take a look at our destination packages.

    1.What is medical tourism with CURISTIC and how does it work?

    Medical tourism with CURISTIC is the practice of traveling to a foreign country to receive medical treatment and then returning home for aftercare. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as lower costs, access to specialized procedures or treatments, or shorter wait times.

    2.What are the benefits of medical tourism?

    The benefits of medical tourism include access to specialized procedures or treatments that may not be available in one's home country, cost savings, shorter wait times, and the opportunity to combine medical treatment with a vacation or travel experience.

    3.What are the costs of medical tourism?

    The costs of medical tourism vary widely depending on the destination country, the specific treatment or procedure, and other factors such as travel and accommodations. However, medical tourism can often be significantly cheaper than receiving the same treatment in one's home country. because of that we in CURISTIC provides you with a very competitive package and hold up from you all the travel struggles. And the package we provide including all the services you need starting from your airport arrival till your safe travel back.

    4.What kind of accommodations are available for medical tourists?

    Accommodations for medical tourists we provide is based on a 5 stars hotel, Double room including bed & breakfast. And in a single room at the hospital. The package you pay includes accommodations, transportation, and some other services.

    5.How do I prepare for my medical tourism trip?

    Preparing for a medical tourism trip involves a pre arrival consultation through a medical questionnaire to provide your case history report and this will be arranged with our healthcare providers, during this stage you will be advised with all the required issues to be done from your side, as well our travelling staff will arrange with you to ensure that you have all necessary travel documents and insurance, making travel arrangements, and arranging for aftercare when you return home.

    6.What kind of certifications and accreditations should I look for in a medical tourism provider?

    When choosing a medical tourism provider, it is important to look for certifications and accreditations from recognized organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) or the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). All our medical staff having international universities degrees and board members at international medical societies, as well as our hospital(s) providing the medical care are licensed by the international medical services agents.

    7.How do I ensure my safety while traveling for medical treatment?

    Ensuring your safety is something very critical to us and we are taking care of it from the early arrival at the airport with our English-speaking guide till your safe return home. Also, you have to take appropriate precautions such as travel insurance and being aware of local laws and customs.